Friday, March 28, 2014

Concealer 101!

The art of pulling a disappearing act for skin imperfections can sometimes be a bit more complicated than we'd like it to be.  Concealer is one of those things that everyone for one reason or another knows they need, but they don't have a clue of how to find the right one to camouflage the plethora of facial situations that could happen on any given morning.  Whether your issues are pesky under eye circles, sensitive skin flare ups, teenage (or not so teenage) hormonal bumpy wonderfulness... at some point or another we all need this magical little product.  

Lets clear up the concealer confusion!

*DISCLAIMER*  You may love or hate some of my answers, or they may seem unorthodox to you- but trust me- these are things that every good makeup artist knows and does!

Right out of the gate I have to tell ya-- Concealer and under-eye brighteners are two different things!!!  Brighteners will do just as they suggest-- they brighten!  But they do next to nothing when it comes to covering stuff.  So if you have dark circles you need to cover them first THEN brighten the area.  Otherwise you'll still have a shadow cast under your eyes but it'll be a super weird gray color.


Covering dark circles...

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being you look like you have a dramatic smokey eye without any makeup on) how bad are your dark circles???  If you said a 5 or higher- this rule is for you!  Go ORANGE!!!  Like the color of raw salmon kind of orange!  How much orange corrector you use will depend on the color of your skin and how dark the color your combating is (the darker you skin or the darker the area you're covering the more orange you use).   I know this sounds crazy- But the reason why you need to do this goes back to one of my early posts about Color Theory.  Under eye circles usually have a blueish/gray cast to them, and you need to combat that color with warmer shades to neutralize it and get it right.  First you mix the orange and the shade that matches your skin together on the back of your hand and buff it onto the area you're trying to cover, then (if needed) you go over it with just the concealer that matches your skin.  You will be amazed!

Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, and MAC all make great corrector concealers- but don't discount other orange colored makeup products with creamy consistencies you may already have. Charlie and I a few years ago were moving cross country and the day before we moved he was out in our garage stacking up extra wood flooring that we had.  And he tilted a box the wrong direction and a wood panel slid out and slammed him in the eye.  Even though we iced his face so much it practically froze it still swelled up into a horrible looking black eye.  He got some weird pleasure out of telling people I did that to him...  

Anywhooo, a few days later we were about to go to dinner with his new boss.  We were totally ready to go and I literally had one foot out the door and Charlie asked me (barley even able to make eye contact while he asked) to cover up his eye.  Keep in mind we were moving cross country and our things hadn't arrived yet, so I was doing my makeup with whatever I had packed.  Luckily Charlie and I have similar skin-tones and I had brought my favorite florescent orange lipstick (Morange by MAC).  The look of concern on his face when I whipped out this lipstick was priceless, but not even 2 minutes later you couldn't even tell that he had a black and blue!  He was impressed, and I couldn't help but make my accomplished, I'm proud of myself smile :)     

Now if you rated your under eye darkness a 1 on the scale you are one of the lucky few that between foundation and an under-eye brightener, you may not need any concealer.  If you rated your circles a 2-4 then between foundation and a concealer that matches your skin- you'll be just fine.

Covering redness in blemishes...

Some of you may be wondering about green concealer- I'll cut to the chase- don't waste your money.  If you have a lot of all over redness in your skin I would consider a green primer.  Smashbox makes a GREAT one.  But as far as using a green concealer to specifically cover individual red spots can over complicate the process.  You can just use a more yellow based concealer (yellow is a color used to make green) and it'll get the job done without over complicating things.  The green does work but without knowing exactly what you're doing- covering the green concealer can make that spot look lighter than the rest of your face.  It's not quite as "fool-proof" as the orange concealer trick.  So I don't feel as confident telling you to do that.  


Everyone wants one miracle concealer that they can use for every skin problem they have.  Unfortunately concealers are formulated for rather specific purposes.  

Something really wet is great for under the eye, it is going to spread out and cover a wider area without looking heavy and its easier to set in place.  Something thicker and creamier is going to stick to one spot and really concentrate the coverage on exactly what you're putting it on.  So it's ideal for covering breakouts and dark spots.  

Sometimes if you have a blemish that is drying out it can get a little flaky and using a creamy concealer draws attention to the flakiness.  So what I like to do in that case is mix the two consistencies together.  It looks way better! 


If you use a liquid, cream, or mousse foundation you want to apply your foundation first THEN concealer!!!  For some reason everyone thinks it's the other way around!  Here's the thing-- We tend to be our own worst critics and when you look at your skin without anything on it you're likely to see LOTS of things that you are going to want to cover and you end up being over zealous with your concealer.  Then when you put your foundation on you end up spreading out your concealer that you placed in the process and now you look like you are wearing a foundation mask!!!  Put your foundation on first!  Because even if it is a really sheer coverage, it'll blur things over and you have a much better perspective of what needs the extra boost of coverage.

For powder foundation users...

Disregard that last paragraph!  Haha!  Cream products tend to not go over a powder base as smoothly.  If you have dark circles to cover- do your concealer first and then your powder.  But if you have blemishes to cover you may not even need a concealer.  If you use a powder foundation then the powder has coverage and you can just apply it like normal and then with a sponge or a small, flat, stiff brush (like an eyeshadow brush) apply your powder like it was your concealer!    

For around the eye area I suggest buffing your concealer with a fluffy brush in teeny little circular motions, it'll make the concealer look more natural and keep it from settling into the little lines around our eyes (and I'm not just referring to fine lines and wrinkles).  And for blemishes I recommend tapping/stippling on your concealer, that will help build up the coverage better!   

In general I don't really suggest using your finger to apply your concealer because around your eyes your fingers will apply color unevenly.  Sometimes I might work a creamy concealer in my fingers for a few seconds just warm it up and then I might place it with the same fingers, but I always then switch to a brush to actually blend it out.  As for applying concealer over top of blemishes you want to be extra mindful of bacteria so you definitely don't want to use your fingers.  Basically- you need to go get yourself a brush!  

Making Your Concealer Stay!!!

You HAVE to set your concealer!  Otherwise it'll slip and slide right out of place and within an hour you'll look like you never covered anything.  What you do is (in the areas you concealed) you want to tap and press your setting powder of choice in place!  You don't want to buff because you will disturb the coverage you just worked so hard for.  Once you have tapped it over the concealed areas then you can go ahead and buff your little heart out!  Just remember to tap and press it into place first!  If you use a powder foundation then you don't have to worry about this step.  If you use a self-setting foundation (like a cream to powder) you still need to set your concealer.  You don't need to set your whole face- just the spots you boosted the coverage. 

Welcome to flawless face land!

Love and Blessings,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Makeup Of The Day!

Hey Beauties!

Our Internet has been in and out all day!  Comcast is coming tomorrow so, hopefully (I've learned that you have to be hopeful when it comes to Comcast) that will be all better and I could put up my Concealer 101 post!  They were supposed to come today... but apparently we were the only ones that knew that!  Haha!  But for now I'm putting up my very first "Makeup Of The Day" post!!!  WOO-HOO!  Let me know what you all think of the look in the comments below and please also let me know what type of looks you would like to see in the future!  I have a few in mind of what I want to do but I'd love to know what you all WANT to see!

Total time this took me: 15 minutes
Focus feature: A coppery smokey eye
Total number of products used: 19 

On My Face:

(all products are MAC unless specified otherwise)

Primer: Benefit PoreFessional
Foundation: Face and Body
Concealer: Studio Finish
Powder: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
Bronzer: Solar Riche
Blush: Full Of Flavor Eyeshadow (That's right... eyeshadow as blush!!!) 
Highlighter: Whisper of Guilt 

On My Eyes:

Crease: Saddle with Fresh Daily just above it
Lid: Dipdown Gel Eyeliner as a base blended up slightly into the crease with Brash pressed in overtop
Under Brow Highlight: Mineralize Skinfinsh Natural (my face powder)
Tear-duct Highlight: Motif
Liner: Deep Damson smudged into the lash-line
Waterline Liner: Costa Riche
Mascara: Haute and Naughty Too Black Lash

In My Eyebrows:

Lately I've been doing a mixture of Brunette and Strut Brow Pencils

On My Lips:

Lipliner: Dervish
Lipstick: Hue

Top: Tribal Print Sweatshirt from Forever 21

Love and Blessings,

Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Baaack!

Hey Beautiful Ladies!!!

So sorry for my absence!  This past month has been nothing short of AWESOME and CRAY-CRAY-CRAZY!  As you may have read in a few of my previous posts I've been in this thing at our church called "Camp Meeting," it was originally going to be just for a week... and then it got extended... and then extended again... and extended one more time!  One week of two meetings a day turned into an entire wonderful month of two meetings a day!  Between taking care of Jojo, keeping our house somewhat in order, and spending an average of 8 hours a day at church (which sounds radical and a bit crazy, but I promise it felt like it was only an hour), I've clearly had time for nothing else.  But I'm back, and my schedule is somewhat back to normal again.  

The time away from the blog has really helped me get the chance to re-evaluate a few things about The Made-up Mom.  I've decided to take the pressure off of myself having to do a post every day.  I hope to post every other day and do some fun "makeup of the day" photos (or something like that) on my "days off" from posting.  Is that something you'd all be interested in???

I've also decided to do more step by step photo tutorials and possibly a video here and there!  I realize that some things would take FOREVER to try and type out the explanation when they could just take a few minutes to show and tell in video format.  Are you all up for that!?  

Heads up- I know VEEERRY LITTLE about camera's, filming, and editing- so I'd appreciate your patience and support as I figure all of that out.  I'm a point and click kind of girl- anything involving more than that, I'm likely to push a wrong button and break something.  I definitely hold the record for breaking things in this house!  Charlie lovingly calls me "quality control."  

There have been several requested posts over the last month, so keep your eyes peeled for your request!  Your answers will probably be up in a post some time in the next two weeks!

So- you may be wondering what happened at Camp Meeting!  It was AMAZING!  My life and my walk with God will NEVER BE THE SAME!  Everything just got turbo charged into high gear!  God showed up and blessed my jacket off!  Literally!  It's a long story, but the drive through version is- I gave away my favorite jacket, because God gave us his best and I just wanted to give him my best in return.  It's all his anyway :)  God then blessed me for giving my jacket and I practically got an entire brand new wardrobe!!!  It was AWESOME!!!       

I feel compelled to share a bit of my God story...

I grew up in a Christian household.  My parents were strong believers in Christ Jesus long before I came along.  And as a kid you tend to follow suit with whatever Mom and Dad believe.  For a while... 

Then you typically hit an age where you feel you have to start figuring it out for yourself.  You end up asking yourself, is what they believe so strongly going to be what I also want to believe?  I honestly didn't know the answer to that question for a very long time.  

I love my Mom and Dad, but if I'm being totally honest- I definitely knew that I didn't want to be like them.  They were super old school, traditional, and down right religious.  I didn't want any part of that!  Pile on top of that the fact that I'm Egyptian!  Oh yeah, I'm Egyptian... 

You wanna talk about OLD SCHOOL!?  If I blinked wrong when I looked at my mom, I was in for it!  Whatever she could get her hands on that was detachable, you better start running, because you were about to get the spanking of a lifetime with that object!  Haha!  The wooden spoon she was cooking with or her hard bottom slippers where the residing favorites.  One time I out ran my mom and ran into my bedroom and locked the door behind me... WhooOOooOOoaaAAaa!  NEVER DO THAT!  HAHA!  It slipped my mind that our door handles can be unlocked from the other side...  I don't think I will ever forget the look on my Mom's face when that door opened!  If my brother and I ever did something wrong that we knew we were going to get in trouble for, we just started putting on layers of undies and pants to try and pad up our behinds!  Just to name a few things of what we weren't allowed to do- we weren't allowed to watch any TV, we weren't allowed to go to sleep overs (unless they were family), and never-mind "play" makeup-- I wasn't even allowed to wear colored nail polish... It was as if nail polish came straight out of the pit of hell! 

I thought that if I believed what they believed then that was my future.  I was going to grow up and have to be a strict, nail polish-less, control freak for the rest of my life!  I thought that God was like how my parents were.  That when I prayed he was just pouring out judgement on me.  The only part about God that was real to me in my adolescence was that he was mean and scary.  I didn't want to serve a mean God.

When I got older I started "seeking" for God on my own.  Which mostly consisted of doing what ever I wanted...   One night I was in the middle of doing some not so awesome things and out of NOWHERE I just felt the presence of God come over me.  I have no idea how to explain that other than just feeling an indescribable peace.  And in that moment I knew that God had never left me through all my shenanigans during the time I was "searching."  I somehow felt loved and taken care of...  

About a year goes by, and my brother and some of our coworkers (we all worked at a restaurant together) were invited to attend a youth service at a church where one of our other coworker's Dad was the Pastor.  One Friday night I decided to tag along, and I saw a group of people my own age (ranging from 17+) wrapped up in worship so deep that it was like no one else was around.  And in that moment I realized that God to them was so different than what God was to me.  There was so much more love and compassion than I ever noticed before.  That was officially something I wanted to know about and be a part of.  

Around that same time I began to see my parents start to understand more about God themselves, and I'm happy to report that they are no longer the crazy religious people I grew up with!  Although they have their moments with breaking some traditional, religious mindset things, it's generally a whole different story nowadays!  My Mom and I have shared a ton of laughs over how crazy they used to be!  Over the years I have resurrected my personal relationship with the Lord, and in the process I have been breaking every lie that I ever believed about who God is.  I've realized that God never intended Christianity to be a religion full of tradition and judgement; but to be a relationship with him!  A relationship full of compassion, love, and mercy.  I've opened myself up to him and he has made himself real to me!  And I am standing here as a witness to tell you that I serve an INCREDIBLY AWESOME GOD!

Over this past month everything has been intensified and I can no longer just walk around or type this blog post without sharing with you how much God loves you and how he is totally crazy about you!  You need to know!  And just as you may long for love and acceptance (like I did) that is all he longs for from us in return for that from him!  He has a wonderful and amazing plan for your life!  

I just pray that the Lord blesses the socks off each of you!  And he blesses you and your families with long and healthy lives!  And that Jesus makes himself real to you, just as he has made himself real to me!

Love and Blessings,