Friday, January 31, 2014

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed... Sorta

Fake wakin' it 'til you make it!?  Yes please!  And I'm not talking about taping your eye lids open, although that would be pretty funny.  I've mentioned before in an earlier post that I'm not much of a morning person-- I stay awake to watch the sun rise, not wake up early to see it.  So I'm all about the snooze button and faking awake-ness!  The reality of my current situation is I'm tired because of a teething, bundle of joy reason named Josiah and not because of watching any sun rises.  But either way, who wants to look as tired as they may feel!?  Nobody!

Here are 5 really easy tips to help you look ready to take on your day and actually look pretty convincing:   

1.  Put Your Eye Cream in the Fridge!  The instant cooling effect when you dab it on in the morning will help shock you awake and de-puff all at the same time.  You could also place two metal spoons in the freezer overnight and lay them on your eyes the next morning for the same type of results.  Heads up- it's really awkward and funny to explain when your significant other goes in the freezer to get something and finds your long lost utensils just hanging out...  haha (sorry babe)!  Also one of the most important de-puffing ingredients to look for in your eye cream is caffeine.  That's right!  It not only wakes you up when you drink it, it'll really help drain any extra fluid in your eye area when you apply it topically!

2.  Nude Colored Eyeliner!  It's like concealer for your waterline!  It perfectly removes that red rim that tired eyes get.  A lot of people use a white pencil, but I find it to look a little too bright if you're just wanting to fake the whole "bright eyed and bushy tailed" look.  A great inexpensive one is Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in Nude.

3.  Stick to Matte-Finish Eyeshadows!  In this case shimmer is going to accentuate puffiness, not our goal!  So, slowly step away from the sparkle!  I also highly suggest using a light cream colored eyeshadow right on your tear duct and the sides of the top of your nose to open up your eyes (just be sure to blend it out). 

4.  Blue Mascara and Curled Lashes!  Blue lashes will make the white's of your beautiful eyeballs look brighter and whiter.  Blue colored mascara might not be your thing but something to consider is layering it with your black mascara so it looks more like a navy blue and not a bright, cobalt blue.    If you want to skip the blue that's perfectly okay, but I would for sure still lash-up and I would definitely curl them too.  "I love flat, lifeless, slept on lashes," said NO-ONE, EVER!  Haha!

5.  Bright Lips!  What better way to take the attention away from your sleepy eyes than putting the focus on another feature!  Go as bold as you feel comfortable.  A day that you're hitting the alarm clock for some extra snooze time is not the day to try your first red lip.  Stick to what you know, but go for something in your current spectrum of fun!

You can use any of these tips on their own or combine them for the most faked awake look you've mastered yet!  Enjoy!


P.S. Sorry for the lack of post yesterday- I got to have a much needed day out!    

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