Monday, January 27, 2014

Makeup Tip Monday- Keep Your Eyeliner From Straying Away

Ever find yourself frantically pleading with your eyeliner to just STAY-PUT!?  Well beauties, plead no more! 

Most cosmetics companies offer waterproof eyeliner options, in pencil forms, creamy gels, and liquids.  Some hold up great, and some don't exactly live up to all they promise.  If you want to know the ones that have stayed through it all for me just comment below and let me know!

The eyeliner formula that causes the most stray away stress is a kohl pencil.  This little lady is all about the smudge and the smoke.  Made famous by none other than the Olsen twins... 

Love the Olsens eye makeup

Simply Fabulous - when I finally get enough nerve to cut my hair again

Mary-Kate Olsen is more bold than her sister Ashley when it comes to makeup and hair. And the dark eyes, and the intense dark red lips looks gorge on her!

Confession: I seriously can't tell them apart...

It's the perfect formula for some of these eyeliner trends we're seeing coming down the runways lately.  Unfortunately, it's also the formula that slips and slides right off your eyes to everywhere else on your face and you find yourself looking way grungier than you intended.  You want to place it, smudge it into place, and you want it to stay just the way you've "perfectly" messed it up!  All day!  After all, you worked hard to mess up your liner!  Not too tall of an order, here's how you hold it:

Set it and forget it!  When you put your liquid foundation on you put some powder over top to set it right!?  If you don't- you should.   The same goes for this creamy eyeliner.  You set it with a powder to "dry" it and it'll hold up at least twice as long.  You can set it with either an eyeshadow that matches the color of your eyeliner or you can use a bit of transparent finishing powder.  My preference is to use an eyeshadow, although both would work...

You can also look into sealers, like the Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal.  The directions on this says to mix it with your product before you apply it.  However, using a pencil eyeliner for a smudgy line isn't exactly a mixable opportunity.  So what I like to do is apply my liner, get it all where I want it, and then put one drop of the Aqua Seal on a flat brush and dab it on over top of my eyeliner.  It feels wet and can get slightly sticky for a second (if you are someone that deals with a lot of eyeliner transferring to your lids I would avoid opening your eyes for a few seconds until this dries) and once it dries you are good to go!  Enjoy!


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