Monday, January 13, 2014

Makeup Tip Monday- Oily Skin? Put Some Milk on it!

Happy 1st Makeup Tip Monday!  YAAAY!

We're starting off with an oldie but goodie that lots of people don't know.  If you have SUPER oily skin-- we're talking like within a few hours of doing your makeup you could scrape it off, slap it in a pan, and fry something kind of super oily-- put some milk on it!  Not just any milk though.  Go to the drug store and pick up a bottle of Milk of Magnesia.  Yupp, you heard right! Milk of Magnesia, you know- the stomach stuff...

It looks like this
Phillips Milk of Magnesia Saline Laxative Liquid Original

Use this instead of primer on your face and you will NOT see oil on your face ALL DAY LONG!  I promise! It's a little weird but, trust me, it works!  If you're doing anything and you're going to be photographed, or just out for a while and don't have time to be touching up constantly, you're going to need to keep the oil at bay for as long as possible and this will do that!  This was my face saver (literally) towards the end of my pregnancy, my t-zone could rival any slip n slide!  I know, I'll just say it for you, "gross!"  I usually have normal to dry skin and that oil threw me for a curve.  When I realized it wasn't going down with just switching up my skincare, I whipped this out of my kit and it SAVED my face!  I have used this on so many brides and it gets a laugh every single time, but every single time an amazed "thank you" text comes after the wedding.  It works! 

You still do your normal routine- just add this in after moisturizing but before foundation.  You could apply primer as well but honestly, you don't need to.  You can apply it with your hands, but for the most even results I'd apply it with a standard flat, synthetic, foundation brush and keep in mind-- a little goes a long way.  

WARNING!!!  It goes white when it dries!!!  Like you rubbed chalk all over your face- but that's nothing to worry about because your foundation will make you look normal again :) It's just a little frightening when you use it the first time, and I want you to come back and visit my blog again!  Good news-- even though it goes white there is NO flashback, so you can take pictures totally stress free!  

Please don't buy cherry flavored, that would be awkward haha!  Just get the one that says "original."    

If your oil is not that serious and you have normal to oily skin you can use the Milk of Magnesia as a face mask 1-2 times a week to help.  Just wash your face, rub some on, then wait about 20 minutes and wash it off!  Follow it up with your normal toner, treatment, and moisturizer routine.

Now the best part is if you're having the random stomach issue-- YOU'RE SET! Haha!  But seriously... 

If you wanted matte skin, you'll now get to have it.  And if you wanted properly done dewy skin, you could now go buy those highlighters that you've been holding off on or that's stuffed at the back of your makeup drawer (or if you're like me and have drawerssss) and not have to worry about your natural oils combining with the shimmer highlight and your face becoming the human flashlight!  You know what I'm talking about...

Send me a message or comment below and let me know if you try this and how it worked for you!

You're welcome! 


P.S. Sorry gals with dry skin!  I have a Makeup Tip Monday for you- this just isn't it... 

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