Thursday, January 23, 2014

May I Suggest A Mascara?

Once upon a time...

Long before Latisse told us we could grow better lashes, and before Jennifer Lopez batted handmade mink falsies at the Oscars.  Before mascara became waterproof, smudge-proof, and multicolored, there was a gal named Mabel, who simply wanted darker, fuller lashes.  Her crafty (and genius) brother, T.L. Williams, mixed an odd concoction of coal dust into some Petroleum Jelly and the first mascara (and Maybelline Cosmetics) was born! 

Cool, huh!?

I have to say- cosmetics companies have come a seriously long way since then!!!

I love to play with makeup (obviously), I love different looks and levels of drama, different colors, different finishes and textures.  You can often find me switching up everything depending on the look that I've decided to do, and my mascara is no exception.  I'm blessed with decently long lashes with a good curl (thanks Mom and Dad), so I don’t find it generally difficult to find a basic mascara that gets the job done.  And yet, I still want longer, bigger, and bolder lashes, because this is 2014 and I live in America!!!  Land of the free, home of the brave, and it's all better super-sized!!!

Combine all of my personal play with the countless faces I've done up and the plethora of different lash types and lash needs I've encountered, I've become somewhat of a mascara connoisseur!  So, without further adieu, here are the ones that survived it all!

When I just want fluffy, soft definition

This was my very first "good" mascara, and none have quite measured up in this category since!  It perfectly separates each lash without clumping no matter how many times you swipe.  It gives you the perfect doe eyed Bambi lash.    

When I want length without drama

This teeny little brush allows you to get in there, right at the root of the lash and keep building, and building, and building from there.  If you're the girl that chases your mascara with a fine needle lash comb, you'll probably love this one!  This is also a perfect layering mascara if you like to cocktail them!

When I want length with defined volume

The texture of this mascara is whipped, so it feels super light.  And if you need to go back over your lashes later in the day for whatever reason, this one won't flake off the previous layers that have dried on.  Plus the tip of this wand is spiked, so you can use the tip to really get in there and place every lash just where you want it.  You get what I call Minnie Mouse lashes with this one (apparently Disney characters are my only lash references for tonight, haha)!

When I want build-able fluffy volume

This mascara has a super fluffy brush and soft formula that allows you to really build up to your preferred volume.  It's won a lot of awards for a reason.  

When I want it all (darker, longer, bigger, and bolder)

This lady has a dual wipe-out system for it's brush.  Option one claims to give length (I personally think it gives a very basic lash), but then you have option two!!!  Option two is where it's at!  It leaves so much more mascara on the wand that you get this fantastically massive lash and everyone thinks you're wearing false eyelashes! 

A few general things to keep in mind...

You can't rely on mascara commercials and magazine advertisements- THEY LIE!  You probably could have already assumed that, but what a lot of people may not have the eye to catch is that in the commercials and magazine advertisements- the celebrity/model is wearing false eyelashes- literally- every- single- time!  Even when they "look" natural, they're wearing individual lashes.  Sneaky, sneaky!

Mascaras don't curl- only lash curlers do (my favorite lash curler is the one by Shu Uemura).  They can help to keep curl by not weighing down the lash, but they won't magically push them up into perfectly curled heaven...  

You may ask why all my suggestions are higher end brands.  The main differences that I've noticed between drug store mascaras and prestigious brand's mascaras are that the better quality ones don't flake as much, they are a lot more conditioning to your lashes, and even if they are not waterproof they hold up much better through some serious treadmill sweating situations at the gym!  That all just happens to be my personal experience. 

I feel pretty confident that one of these mascaras will fit your lash needs!  Comment below what your favorites are!  Have a marvelous day beauties!


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