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5 Essential Brushes You Need!

Hey Beauties!

I usually don't post  on the weekends but I had promised a second post this week- so here I am delivering.  Sorry for how late in the day and week this is going up (I just looked at the time and I realized I started writing this post on Saturday... but now it's Sunday... whoops!)- I haven't had a whole lot of time this week to do much of anything (clearly), so house cleaning duties were calling.  Actually, I'm pretty sure they were screaming! 

Heads up- next week will probably be a slow posting week as well- seeing as the camp-meeting services at our church have been extended for another week.  Which I am personally super, duper, excited about!  But that does mean I will be practically living at the church for another week (not literally, but pretty close...) and I won't have the opportunity to do a post every day.  But make sure you stop by and check to see what does go up!

mac brushes. AWWW LOVE.........

It's not necessary to have 50 different makeup brushes (unless you do makeup for a living, then 50 brushes is the probably the minimum you'd need), but it can be confusing and totally overwhelming to try and figure out how to narrow them all down!  Well, I'm here to answer- there are only 5 essential brushes that EVERYONE needs to make sure they own!  You can create ANY look with just these essentials!  From natural looks---> dramatic ones---> even theatrical ones- You'll be equipped to do them all!  

At some point you may need more than just these, so don't disregard other brushes that you may have and love- these are just the core basics that- if you have nothing, or if you're a makeup brush hoarder (like myself) and need to narrow down your favorites in order to "pack light" for vacation (I've been dreaming of warmer weather)- here is where you'd start, and you won't go wrong!

You only need one face brush! YAY!

I suggest one of these three (click on the photo and it'll take you to the link to purchase).

188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush 168 Large Angled Contour Brush Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

You can use one of these brushes for just about anything you would apply to your face- moisturizer, face primer, foundation, powder, cheek contour, bronzer, and blush.  As far as the Duo Fibre brush by MAC goes- I do prefer the #188 over the #187 because the #188 is smaller, so I think it offers a little more control and precision in application... aaand it's cheaper!

For eyes you're going to need these

239 Eye Shader Brush

This flat brush is used for pressing and packing color onto your eyelid and/or your brow bone.  And the evenly tapered tip of this brush makes for a perfect smudge brush.

217 Blending Brush

This fluffy brush is the "got to have" blending brush that applies a lot of pigment but keeps it blended as it applies it.  It's the perfect brush for eyeshadows you place on the outer corner of your eye and in your crease.  This brush is great for applying eye primers; you could also use it to apply and blend out the perfect amount of concealer.  

Whether you are using this brush to apply your base, shadow; or for concealer under your eye, over blemishes, or any red areas of skin, it'll get it right every time because the taper of this brush applies a pigmented amount of color right in the center while diffusing the color around the edges.

224 Tapered Blending Brush

This fluffy blending brush is the "Magic Eraser" of brushes.  If you have any harsh edges of color- this little lady will make them disappear!  This is also an incredible brush to apply any facial highlights with because it's smaller in size so it'll apply the highlight in a very controlled way while diffusing it so you don't just have an awkward stripe of shimmer on your cheeks.  If you like to do any nose contouring or any other fine detailed contouring this brush is just the right size and applicator for that too.

You may be wondering why you need two fluffy blending brushes.  When you see these two gals in person and feel them, you will realize that they're totally different.  The white one (#217) is shorter, a little coarser of a hair texture, and a lot denser, so it picks up and places down a lot more color.  While the black haired brush (#224) is the opposite of all those things and is better at making colors look seamless.  Also, both brushes are tapered, but done differently.  

Bottom line- they totally apply color in two completely different, unique ways.  And both brushes are *all time* makeup artist favorites!  Just ask them!  

Last bust not least...

266 Small Angle Brush

You need an angled brush.  This brush is a great little multitask-er.  You can use it for your brows; to fill in with an eyeshadow color, or to diffuse any lines created from a brow pencil.  You can use it for eyeliner (powders, creams/gels, liquids, or to blend and even out pencil liner), it's one of the easiest brushes to use for a winged liner look.  This brush is also great for creating any dramatic edges of color.  Like doing a cut-crease eye, like this  

An angled brush will help you create that line!  The sharp edge of the angled brush also makes for a super precise lip brush!

And there you have it!  Every feature and detail is covered by these 5 essentials!  

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are using only these 5 brushes to multitask through all of these products on all of these features, you're going to need some quick drying brush cleanser.  You'll need it because you can't fill in your eyebrows and then use the same brush without cleaning it properly to apply your lipstick.  And you can't apply your eyeshadow and then go straight into applying your concealer.  Well, unless you want to look like you rolled your face in a little mud, then and only then, you can do that!!!  The only cleanser I've liked out of all the ones that I've tried so far is this one

Brush Cleanser

But it's on my list to try other ones that work great so, I'll be sure to keep you posted on how that goes in the future.  If you have any suggestions of ones that I should try please feel free to reach out via the "Contact Me" form on the right side of the blog and let me know which one you like!  

Makeup brushes can be pretty costly.  I recently did an entire post on which brushes are worth spending your hard earned dollars on and which ones you can get something great for cheaper, you can check that out here.  

Enjoy Beauties and I hope you have an incredibly blessed rest of the weekend!


PS- I also suggest everyone own a Beauty Blender Sponge; it's not a brush, so it didn't make the list!  But just so you're aware-- this little sponge is fantastical!  I'm convinced it has supernatural powers that make you look amazing!

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