Monday, February 17, 2014

Makeup Tip Monday- The One Time Lip Touch-Up!

Hey Beauties!!!  I hope you've all had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!  And Happy Prezzy Day (I don't want that job- that's for sure)!

Lately I have been rocking the worlds largest handbags that can double up as a diaper bag...

But back in the day (roughly 8 months ago haha) I dreaded carrying a purse.  Don't get me wrong- I LOVE a great handbag and have tons that I used regularly.  But if I was out shopping for a day, or running a quick errand, I would prefer to travel as lightly as possible (less risk of me losing something and more free arm space to carry goodies).  My go to was a wristlet that was just big enough to carry exactly what I needed, including enough space to carry my phone.  I would then just clip my keys to it and I was set!  With one exception.  I couldn't fit in a tube of lipstick.  I was all out of room!

Lipstick is not quite my dessert island product- but it's runner up.  My dessert island products are a tie between  bronzer and mascara, but if I'm stuck on a desert island- hopefully I'd get a tan- so that leaves me with mascara in first place and lipstick still holding strong in second.

I love a great lipstick shade because you can go "celebrity airport makeup" status with it!  You know the look I'm talking about...

airport chic. it's possible.

Just throw on some great sunnies and a fun lipstick- you'd look famously fashionable (literally)!  You could look all kinds of sleepless and un-made up under those sun glasses, but the lipstick makes everyone think otherwise!

If I was out for a whole day shopping, lunching, etc...  I just needed ONE lip touch up after lunch to keep my "celebrity airport makeup" look going- and there was no room!  What's a girl to do!?

Here's the tip-

All you need to do is take a retractable lip brush (or one with a lid) load it up with lipstick, and retract it back down.  That's it!  Just pop that into your bag- it's not as bulky as a full tube of lipstick so, it'll fit nicely and when it comes time for a lunch time touch up just pop it up and you have the perfect amount of your favorite shade pre-loaded and ready to use!  Genius; I know! 

Check out this post to find out what inexpensive retractable lip brush I recommend!  You're Welcome!  Enjoy!


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