Thursday, February 6, 2014

Goof-Proof Glitter Manicure!!!

I know New Year's Eve has come and gone but the sparkle lover in me just can't resist a glitter manicure!  Glitter is great for every occasion!  Even non-occasion, occasions!  Right!?

A lot of times I don't have the time or patience to dote over my nails, but I really don't like not having them done!  So- easy fix- I go the glitter route!  

You can use any glitter you choose.  It can be fine milled (my preference) or chunky.  It can be cheap-o craft glitter or pricier cosmetic glitter; it doesn't matter.  It is so simple to do and it requires minimal time!  

There is a pro and con to this mani though...

The Pro- it doesn't come off!  So if you really want a fun, stress free nail this is totally the way to go!  I've sported the same glitter mani before for a VERY embarrassingly long time that I won't admit to out loud...

The Con- it doesn't come off!  Haha!  

But seriously, when the time comes to get this off your nails you may consider a chainsaw....

What you'll need to do to get it off is step away from the chainsaw and go make sure your polish remover is pure-acetone.  Then you just completely drench a cotton in the remover and just let it sit on each nail for a good 15 seconds (at least).  The patience you saved in doing this manicure will be used when it comes time to get it off!!!  I suggest having some good cuticle cream on stand-by because you're going to need it!

But it's so fun, pretty, and sparkly!  I just can't get enough sooo-- it's totally worth it! 

What you'll need (besides the usual file and nail buffer stuff):

Base Coat
Top Coat
Glitter of Your Choice
One Sheet of Paper 
A Flat Surface

That's it!!!

Step 1
File and buff your nails into shape.  If you like to push back and trim your cuticles, now is the time to do that too!  

Step 2 
Lay your sheet of paper down on your flat surface.  Your going to work over top of your paper so it can grab all the extra glitter.

Step 3 (the glitter fun begins)
Using the inside part of your glitter's bottle cap, pour a little glitter into it (about half a teaspoon worth).

Step 4 
Paint one nail with your base coat and before it dries sprinkle the glitter from the cap over top of your nail.  And by "sprinkle" I pretty much mean just dump it!  This doesn't really require a whole lot of finesse...

Step 5
Keep going across one nail at a time.

Step 6
Wait about 3-5 minutes from the time you finish your very last nail just to be sure the base coat underneath is completely dry.

Step 7
Go wash your hands in the sink to get all the extra glitter around your nails off.

Step 8
Top off your glitter manicure with your favorite top coat.  I like to do two coats just to smooth out the texture of the glitter.

Step 9
Bend your sheet of paper and funnel all the glitter that fell off right back into the container so you don't waste any and have more to do fun glitter manicures with in the future!

Step 10
Stare at your sparkly nails and be amazed!!!

That was super easy, right!?  Just in case you were wondering-- the glitter I used is MAC's Pro Glitter in Silver!  

I hope you all have a super sparkly day!


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