Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Never Have I Ever!

My random thought of the day...

You could NEVER have told me that a day will come that I wouldn't even flinch when I get peed, pooped, and/or vomited on!  

Never have I ever thought that my typical singing in the shower or while I cook dinner would all of a sudden, without warning, go from songs I love to willingly humming the nursery rhymes that are stuck in my head TO MYSELF!  

Or that I would be dancing, clapping, and singing along with the worlds most ridiculously annoying toys or television shows in hopes of conjuring up a smile!  

Never did I ever think that my "washing my hair" routine in the shower would become- Lather.  Peek-a-Boo!  Rinse.  Peek-a-Boo!  Repeat.  

In a million years, I never imagined that I wouldn't be dancing the "Cupid Shuffle" on someone's wedding dance-floor, but completely music-less in my kitchen instead!  Just to entertain my little guy!  

Every bit of total JOY is worth it!  ALL OF IT!  Every smile!  Every laugh!  Every coo!  Every babble of God only knows what!  Every-time Josiah laughs at my ridiculous attempts to try and get him to say, "Mama!"  That gummy little smile, now interrupted by two razor sharp teeth, makes my world stop for a second!  Then there are also, of course, the bouts of hysterical laughs Charlie and I share together over parenthood ridiculousness!  Those moments of joy make all the "never have I ever" thoughts go from thinking I've gone crazy to feeling completely okay with having gone crazy!  

These moments of joy are the perfect encouragement that get me through some of the hardest days (and sometimes the hardest weeks).  As every parent knows not every moment of parenthood is awesome (like when your child is 5 degrees past tired and still refusing to sleep).  But every moment of parenthood is a blessing!       

Simply put- never have I ever thought that being a mom would stretch me this much...  

Some days I feel like my heart is just going to explode out of my chest because a smile or a laugh is inefficient to even express the joy I feel!  

Every day I get to wake up and see that little face, my heart skips a beat for a second!  I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to raise this amazing little life!  

God has opened my eyes, heart, and mind!  He has completely changed my world through parenting...

I think I'll be ready for round two pretty soon *wink*wink*

Stay tuned..........................................................................


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