Monday, February 10, 2014

Makeup Tip Monday- Turn Any Lip Into A Matte Lip

      a little bronzer, major liner, matte nude lips

A matte lip is a classic lip trend that is back and is definitely planning on staying for the rest of the season (at least)!  So whether you love matte lips and are working on building your collection of colors, you've never tried them before but like the look, or you are really unsure about the whole thing; not to worry! With this DIY you can turn any lipstick (even your absolute favorite color) into the perfect velvety matte shade!  It's an easy, fun way to break up your normal makeup routine!

My personal lipstick preference is one without shine.  But I will have to say my least favorite group of colors to wear matte are all those mid-tone brown, taupe-y, neutrals.  I like EVERYTHING else in a matte finish except for those.  Maybe it's because I could seriously use a tan, but that's a post for another day...  I will still occasionally wear them- I just reeeaally have to be in a *dried mud smeared on my lips look* mood!  Haha!  My all time favorite lip I LOVE to do is wearing a bold or bright lip completely shine-less!  It's such a great throwback to the old days!  Deep plums, bright pinks, or reds, it doesn't matter- I love them all!  I've even been known to do this trick over top of an already matte lipstick to make it even matte-er-er ;)

Let's get to the tip!  

Grab any of your current lipstick shades you want to take for a *no shine* test drive!  Then find a shimmer-less powder product that matches the shade of lipstick you picked.  Use blushes and eyeshadows to match your reds, pinks, and corals; use face powders and bronzers to match your nudes and neutrals.  You can definitely even mix a few shades to get it "just right."  If you can't find any combo in your collection to match you can always use translucent powder (depending on the color this might dull the shade a bit, but it'll generally do the trick).

Apply your lipstick like normal and lightly blot it with a tissue; just to get any major lipstick goop off, then take the powder color and either dab a brush into it or swipe some on your finger tip (you only need a sheer coating, so don't go crazy) and press the color onto you lips.  Like this

Lipstick Tip - Using a pigment powder over lipstick to achieve a matte look. Also makes color stay put longer.

In this photo a loose pigment eyeshadow was used- that's why there is a paper towel held underneath to catch the fall out; but you won't need to do this if you're working with pressed colors or if you have tiled floors that you could just vacuum up the mess off of :)  

I definitely suggest using lipliner or a lip brush to help you perfect this lip.  No matter what shade you choose to use; when it comes to a matte lip- a super crisp edge is a MUST!  There is no shine on your lip to reflect light and deflect attention away from any mistakes in application, so it'll look messy and feathered if you don't clean it up.  And a crisp lip line can be hard to create by just using lipstick straight from the tube.  If you can get it though- more power to you!  I sure can't!  If you choose to add in a lipliner you can apply it before or after you do this technique, whichever way you prefer will work just fine!  And TA-DAA!

CHIC JORDAN l matte lip l hot pink

Any lip texture will look more prominent with a matte lip, so fix that chapped-ness first!  If you have dry lippies, try using my DIY Lip Scrub before you do this lip.  

If you have never worn a matte lip before, try this tip on a day that you're just hanging at home and force yourself to wear the lip for an entire day.  As the day goes on you'll figure out how you feel about this "new to you" texture and you can really make a proper judgement call if this trend is for you or not!  

The beauty of this tip is that you pretty much just doubled your lip options for this cold weathered season!  Woo-hoo!  

Enjoy Beauties!  See you tomorrow! 



  1. Hey Michelle, what colors for my lips would look good with my skin tone because I never know what looks nice and I might try this out for valentines day!:) love you!!<3

    1. You might love or hate my answer lol- anything you want! Anything can look great, it all depends on how you wear it and put it together... If you have a certain type of color in mind- reds, pinks, neutral, etc... just email me (use the "contact me" thing on the right side of the blog- it'll go straight to my email) and I can recommend a few shades to try out!