Tuesday, February 11, 2014

$pend it vs. $ave it! The Makeup Brush Edition!

Not being properly brush equipped is like trying to change a flat tire without a...  ummm, never-mind!  I should really stick to analogies that I know a little something about!  Haha!  Let's try that again- Not being properly brush equipped is like trying to paint your nails without a brush (that's a bit better, sort of).  Bottom line- your end result will look far from what it is supposed to look like, and It would make things a lot more difficult than it has to be! 

What you all may not realize is that brushes can make or break your look!  People really under value them because they have no idea how to work with them (stick with The Made-up Mom because I hope to remedy this issue for you).  But the best part about brushes is that they have the power to make your makeup look professionally done EVERY time you do your face!   It's like getting to take your makeup artist home with you!!!

It doesn't really matter if you spend TON$$$ on your makeup or not- if you have the right tools you are one step closer to getting your makeup to look the way you've always wanted it to.  You need brushes; and good ones at that!  So next time you're in that makeup store getting your makeup done, and you love it and you ask what you need to recreate it, and the artist tells you to get the brushes- don't brush off the brush idea!  They may be trying to sell their particular brand of brushes, but they are not "selling you" when they mention how important brushes are to recreating the beautiful (hopefully it was beautiful) look they gave you. 

The other thing that really holds people back from brushes are the cost!  They can be SOO expensive!  There is a reason for the price (hand-made, natural, cruelty-free hair, etc...), but not every brush needs to be of that caliber of quality to get the job done!  There are, however, only two brands (that I know of, from personal use) that make inexpensive, good enough quality brushes that I can vouch for because I have purchased them for my own collection!  And not every brush in those collections are worth it either...  I'll be breaking it all down for you.  Because when it comes to brushes- just because they're inexpensive doesn't mean they'll do the job properly; there is a particular craftsmanship that has to be there.  So, which brushes are worth your hard earned dollars and which are not!?

Face Brushes

(Flat foundation, buffing, stippling, powder, contour, highlighting, and blush brushes)

Save it!  
YAY!!!  These are the priciest of all makeup brushes and Real Techniques Brushes will save you a small fortune!!!  They are beautifully made and they do the job wonderfully, so wonderfully that I have actually put down my $30-$50 brushes and opted for these instead!  I kind of can't even believe it, but it's true.  I honestly never thought an affordable brand could ever match up!  Their "Core Collection" set plus their Powder Brush is a great way for you to start.  

Real Techniques      Real Techniques

You'll get all of these brushes for literally the cost of ONE face brush from a more expensive brand!!!  Also, an added bonus to getting these is that they are made of synthetic fibers- so you will have absolutely NO brush hair shedding!  Annnd the packaging turns into a stand!  Tripple whammy- YOU'RE WELCOME!

Eyeshadow Brushes

(Flat brush, medium fluffy, and large fluffy brush)

Spend it!  
Not much of a way around having to shell it out a bit for these.  You're going to need the proper brushes with just the right hair texture and density to apply and blend your shadow perfectly.  My favorites of these are MAC's

239 Eye Shader Brush

217 Blending Brush

224 Tapered Blending Brush

Smudging Brush

Save it!  
I like Elf's Smudge Brush, and it's $1.00!  It doesn't get much cheaper than that!

Angled Brushes

I like to have 2 angled brushes one for brows and eyeshadow and the other for cream and gel liners.  The shadow angled brush is a "spend it;" my favorite is MAC's #266.  The liner angled brush is a "save it," and I like Elf's Angled Brush for that.

The reason why I like two different angled brushes is because the one I use for powder products I prefer to be a natural haired brush; it picks up more color and you have way more control with application.  Then for liner I prefer something synthetic; so the hairs will stick firmly together and I could get a really controlled, thin line of product.  If you have to pick one I would go with MAC's #266 because that one you could use in both situations, the elf one you can't (but's it only costs $3, so- who cares).

Eye Liner Brush

Save it!  
You just read my rant on this one in the Angled brush category.  I will say though I LOVE a pointed eyeliner brush to get a super sharp clean winged eyeliner and you could totally pick this up from an art supply store.  It is the ONLY brush for my makeup that I would ever get from the art store!!! Everything else is either not going to pick up enough product, scratch up your face, or have a freakishly long handle that is way too long to fit into any makeup bag ;)

Lash/Brow Comb

Save it!  
You could actually buy a cheapo one from either of the two inexpensive companies I have already mentioned oOoOrrr you could just clean off an old mascara wand instead and DIY it for FREE!

Lip Brush

Save it!  
I prefer a retractable lip brush (stay tuned for next Monday's Makeup Tip Monday post) so I like Real Techniques' Retractable Lip Brush.
I hope this post will help save you lots of money for lots of other beauty products!  In another post I will be getting into which brushes are the bare minimum ones that you have to have in your collection.  

So many posts, so little time!  Actually, I just wish I could just do some sort of  instant virtual transfer, download, thingy of my brain to yours so you don't have to wait!  That would be fantastic, huh?  Enjoy!


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