Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Things I've Learned- What Men Really Think About Makeup!


With Valentines day right around the corner and lots of date nights happening throughout this weekend, I figured it's the perfect time to spill the beans on what men really think about makeup.  I was really hesitant to even write this post because I'm a pretty firm believer in doing makeup for yourself.  Do whatever you feel like doing, experiment with different looks, do whatever will make you feel happy, put together, and will add a little pep into your step.  But in reality we want to look as attractive as we possibly can to our significant other.  The problem is we over complicate what that entails!  We need to merge what we like along with whatever your hubby's or boyfriend's preferences might be...  

I've bared witness to PLENTY of couples "exchanges" on this topic!  Plus Charlie and I have had more conversations about it than he would prefer (since his answer is the same every time).  I just find how differently the opposite sex approaches this subject so fascinating.  Even after 6 years of marriage, it leaves me stunned every time when he compliments how pretty he thinks I look when I think I'm having my most unfortunate beauty moment of the day!  Like right when I wake up- my hair looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket, I have sleep marks on my face, and usually a couple eye boogies to boot- and THAT is when he says I look beautiful, and THAT is when I think he may be a little crazy!  But seriously, the bottom line truth- they aren't kidding when they say they like us just the way we are!  The makeup they love the most on us is usually when we are just enhancing our natural pretty and not when we're heavily contouring, over drawing, and doing all kinds of other things to look everything other than what we actually look like!  Ground breaking!!!  Who would have thought!?  Haha!  They really mean it when they say they think we're beautiful without the hours of effort that we think is required before receiving compliments!      

Here's a tip- they're already married to (or dating) you, so they're already there and interested-- buuut-- that doesn't exactly mean that they don't want us wearing anything!  It's more of a "right time and place" situation.  And date night is the right time and the right place!  

Their favorite facial feature is almost always eyes- so play them up!  That's where you want them looking when you're conversing anyway!  So feel free to go a little smokey, making sure to keep all your colors and edges blended.  Any harsh lines or edges are going to appear a little too artificial in their eyes.  If you're not into the whole shadow thing- a little eyeliner and mascara go a long way.  Just don't go Tammy Faye Bakker status with it all- if you don't know who that is-- Google her, you'll know exactly what not to do!  No offense :)

Skin-  USE COLORS THAT MATCH YOUR SKIN!!!!!< --- You should always do that!  They may not ALWAYS notice things, but they will notice something that doesn't look quite right.  Match it correctly and bring your foundation down your neck a bit so you can be sure it's blended to perfection.  They typically don't care too much about coverage, they just don't like it when it crosses into cake-face land.  And quite frankly, a caked on face is not really a cute look.  Go for whatever coverage you feel you need, but I suggest buffing in your foundation so it gives a more natural finish to your face.  And just because you have a breakout in one area of your face does not mean that your whole face needs to be full coverage- that's why companies create this great little thing called concealer!  Use it!

Cheeks-  use a touch of bronzer for a sun-kissed glow if you need it (I know I sure do in this cold season) and add a touch of highlight at the top of your cheeks to give your skin that perfect permanent candle lit skin look.  Back in the stone age, pink cheeks signaled that a cave babe wasn't sick; not much has changed ;) you definitely don't want to look sickly- so blush it up until you have a soft flush.

Lips- My festive brain thinks bright pinks and reds in celebration of love-day!  MOST men don't mind the look of a bold lip however, the one thought on Charlie's mind when I wear a bold lip is- is that going to rub off on me when I kiss her?  Your guy is probably thinking something similar!  If you go soft/natural/neutral, you don't really have anything to worry about but if you would like to go brighter I suggest mattifying your lipstick with a little powder; check out my most recent Makeup Tip Monday.  Or use a color-stay/lip stain/longwear type of product so you can kiss the night away without worry of any transferring.

Here are a few photos that display what I'm suggesting to get some Valentine's Day- date night- makeup inspiration flowing for ya!

soft lip: won't look terrible when he smears it. Only line upper lids+ minimal raccoon eyes. Pink blush to add to all the natural blushing ; ) #kohlsbeauty

Valentines day makeup!!! Valentines and Hearts "love me some love" alli dale  #love #hearts #valentines

pretty make-up

kendall jenner love the makeup

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for ModelCo Summer 2014 Campaign.

Wedding makeup and gorgeous blonde hair  Keywords: #weddingmakeup #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us:

Gold and green eyes with pink lips, soft colour play perfect for bridal - wedding makeup for black/African American women

Fearne Cotton- love the hair cut and bright pink lips

Beautiful makeup, red lip.

Scarlett Johansson. Love the natural makeup


Take this post with a grain of salt and tweak it to whatever you think falls in line with your style and whatever you know your man would like or whatever preferences he has that he may have already shared with you!  Enjoy your date night- you're going to look stunning no matter what you decide to do!


PS- This post was hubby approved!

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