Tuesday, February 4, 2014

$pend it vs. $ave it! Makeup Edition!

You have two products before you...  

Eye Studio® Color Tattoo® Pure Pigments Loose Powder Shadow    Pigment

They promise to do the same thing.  The colors look similar enough.  The texture looks the same.  They promise the same pigmentation and color coverage.  But one is $6.99 and the other is $21!  

Then the mental debate begins- which one is worth it!?  

In general we tend to assume that a high price tag is a reflection of quality.  Which in some cases it is, but in others it falls into a total gray area!  Like restaurants!  Charlie and I have been to really fancy restaurants and the food is out of this world amazing but the bill makes the evening definitely something to be regarded as a "treat!"  We've been to other expensive restaurants and the meal fell disappointingly short.  Then there are the "hole in the wall" places where the food is crazy good and we've spent less then $20 (we love those places)!  We've also been to "hole in the wall" places where the food belongs in a hole, in the wall!  And last but not least there are the restaurants that look like they're going to cost a fortune, the food was fantastic, and then you get the bill and it was way less than you thought (SCORE!) and it turns out to be a triple threat, great food, great ambiance, and a great deal!  In case you can't tell- as much as I love to cook, I'm a total "lets go to dinner" gal!  

I'm pretty sure you'd agree with me when I say makeup is definitely a gray area too...  

This post is going to be all about what items to splurge on and where you can cut some corners in your makeup bag (or drawer) budget so you can get all the products you wanted and still have enough left over to get that cute pair of shoes you saw last week too!  

FYI- I will be doing separate posts for makeup brushes and skincare (I have a lots to say about them).  This is not set in stone information!  There are some exceptions to the rule, and as I come across those exceptions in my makeup trials and tribulations you will definitely hear about them on this blog!  This is just meant to be a general guide for ya!

Foundation Primer, Foundation, Concealer, and Powders with coverage  

Spend it! 
All of these foundational products are definitely a "you get what you pay for" situation.  These are all the products that come in direct contact with your skin and everything else on your face is sitting on top of this, so be ingredient conscious.  So if your foundation looks good and is a good quality one that works for you- everything else has a better chance of looking good and staying on longer too.  You have a lot more options and formulas to choose from with prestigious brands in these categories, so you can really customize exactly how you want your skin to look!  

Translucent powder

Save it!  
This is generally what you use just to touch up with.  You'll already have your coverage and a full face of makeup going on, all you need it to do is pretty much just absorb oil throughout the day; which is something any powder can handle.  And you don't have to worry about the color since it is supposed to be transparent, so no need to break the bank on this one!

Bronzer and Contour Shades

Spend it!
These are both really difficult to find the right color in a matte finish.  Oh yeah- BTW your bronzer and contour should be MATTE!  Facial shadows don't glisten!  And the sun makes you glow, it doesn't make you actually reflect light!  Haha!  

You want to aim the color of your contour to look like the shade of the natural shadow already created by your bone structure on your face.  And your bronzer color is supposed to match the color of tan you get when you have actually been out in the sun.  So, depending on your skin tone, these are things that varies for a lot of people and its not really a one shade fits all kind of deal.  Most drug-store brands don't carry a wide enough range of these types of colors so you may have to shell out a bit more than you thought on these little ladies!  


Save it!
Don't limit yourself to products that specify "highlighter"  I've often used appropriately colored shimmery eyeshadows on the top of the cheeks to create that beautiful glow.  And because inexpensive shadows typically have a bit less pigment to them, the sheer effect that they have is perfect for the tops of your cheekbones!  One of my favorite drug store brand highlighters are made by Physicians Formula!  They have them listed on their website under "bronzers" but PLEASE don't use it as a bronzer unless you're into the whole "disco-ball face" thing!

Eyeshadow Primer

Spend it!  
No matter what shadow you put over top you're going to want it to stay all day.  And quality really makes a difference in just how long that will be.  If you don't really have any issues with your shadow disappearing and you just want your primer to act as a color booster to your shadows then you don't really have to go all out.  But if you're looking for longevity-- I wouldn't cut corners here.

Eye Brow Products

This one is a bit of a toss up but I always end up "spending it."  
I've said it a few times now, and I'll say it again; brows are super important to your face!  The right products and brow routine can be difficult to find- there are so many options.  But my vote is to go with whatever color works perfectly for you (brunettes go 2 shades lighter than your hair color, blondes go 2 shades darker, and red heads go a shade more brown).  Sometimes finding the perfect ash blonde or just the right warm brown can be so difficult and then add on top of that how full, soft, or sharp you want your brows to look, it all just got 10x harder!  If you happen to find something inexpensive that works perfectly for you then go for it, but in my personal experience and throughout my hair coloring adventures I've gotten the combination of the perfect color and perfect formula from Anastasia Beverly Hills products every time!  Worth every penny!

Eyeshadow and Blush Colors

Save it! Most of the time...  
These are all about the color you want!  If you like it, get it!  As far as shadows go, if you're looking for something shimmery you can pretty much find it anywhere!  But if you're looking for something with a matte finish, you may have to shell out a little more since those types of colors are not exactly always easy to find.  Something you can generally expect is that the pigment in drug store brands will most likely be diluted, so you might find yourself layering a bit more and then in turn having to replace the color sooner.  So if it is a color you're going to use every day you may want to consider investing into it, but if its the random "fun" color, it doesn't really matter.  Brushes play a HUMUNGO roll into getting the most out of these products, drug store or not, so keep your eyes out for that post next week! 

Eyeliner, Lipliner, Lipstick, and Lipgloss Shades

Save it!  
Your higher end brands do tend to glide on better and be a bit more rich in pigment, but you're drug store brands have definitely come a long way in these categories.  So you're definitely likely to find ones that you'll like!


Spend it
You can read all about my favorite mascaras and how I feel about them is this post here.  In general I have no patience for my mascara to fail me, so this is one area I won't budge in my personal makeup bag.  But not every high end brand is always super expensive, a good number of my favorite mascaras are under $20!

Lash Primer

Spend it!
If this is a product you choose to use, you're going to want it to be as conditioning to your lashes as possible so be pretty ingredient conscious here.  This is the "foundation" to your mascara!  So, if this is no good, then your mascara will be no good.  

False Eyelashes

Spend it!
If you're looking for lashes to get you through the one event a year that you need them, and it's not your wedding day, then there is no reason to go to crazy in this category.  You can get a great pair of lashes that are inexpensive and they get the job done (stay away from anything that has a really thick band- not easy or fun to get on).  I would check out Red Cherry Lashes they're great quality for an inexpensive lash.  

But if you're looking for a pair of lashes that you can wear over and over, or it is your wedding day and you're about to be in an insane amount of photos I would definitely invest in a great pair of lashes that perfectly compliment your eye shape and (as long as you take care of them) they will last you through a handful of wears.  

I think I covered it all!  If I missed a product please let me know down below in the comments or send me a message-  the "contact me" form is on the right side of the blog!  I hope you found this post helpful!  Have a great day beauties!


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